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Originally Posted by steve4102 View Post
It appears to me that you are starting out with max or near max loads. Unless of course you have already worked up to these.
Where in MN are you from?
Not really. The 115gr load is fine, mayber a bit short though. The 124gr load is warm. I have gone farther myself. Speer lists 5.6gr-6.3gr @ 1.125" for the 115grJHP and 5.2gr-5.8gr w/ a 124grJHP @ 1.120". IF they are working fine in your gun, you should be good.
"Given adequate penetration, a larger diameter bullet will have an edge in wounding effectiveness. It will damage a blood vessel the smaller projectile barely misses. The larger permanent cavity may lead to faster blood loss. Although such an edge clearly exists, its significance cannot be quantified".
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