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Originally Posted by bowcop22 View Post

I am not sure what you mean....can you explain a bit better?

I am shooting a stock G35 with Hi cap mags....
Not Dan but I will expand on it some.

You are shooting in production right now. In production no matter what caliber you are shooting the scoring is minor. Also in production you can only put 10 rounds in your magazine. The recoil you are getting with .40 is making you slower vs. someone shooting 9mm so you are slower and not getting the scoring advantage of major.

If you shoot in limited division you can shoot major since you are shooting .40 and hits to the C and D section on the targets will score you more points in the stage. Also in limited you can fill up your magazines. You also could add extensions to the bottom of your magazine and get 19-20 rounds in each magazine.

Another option would be limited 10. Same as limited with major scoring but only 10 rounds in your magazines. If you don't add the extensions this might be the best division for a G35. I usually shoot my G35 in L10 unless the weather is bad and I want to limit the number of mag changes where they get dropped in the mud. In that case I shoot limited and fill up the magazines.

Another option if you load your own is do a light .40 and shoot minor in production. In that case you won't really be at a disadvantage.
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