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I have had Big Dots on a few Glocks.
First off, degrease the sights, the front sight screw and the slide.

I then install the front sight and ensure it's straightness by placing a
6" machinist's rule along side of the sight. The ruler gives me a very
good visual indicator when I have the sight straight. Once this is acheived
I tighten the screw for the front sight.

Fot the rear, I see how it fits in the dovetail. Some slide in some are ve
tight. For the tight ones, I place the sight on a piece of 400 grit sandpaper
and wet sand untill I can get the rear sight installed about 1/2 to 2/3 with
thumb pressure only. Once this is acheived, I tap it in place with the Delron

I use the machinist's rule again, along side of the front sight and verify, side
to side that I have the rear sight centered. I snug one set screw then the other. I verift the center of the sight again. Once this is done I tighten both
set screws. I apply the red thread locker as per XS Sight's instructions.

While this is setting up, I remove one of the rear sight's set screws. I degrease
then coat the set screw with clear nail polish, reinstall and tighten.
Repeat with the second set screw.

I have never had any issuew with the sights being inaccurate.
I have yet to have one come loose.
I have removed these after installation, no problems.
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