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Originally Posted by BigNic View Post
I'll be at our cabin up north in a couple of weeks. I plan on shooting my WASR while we are there. I need a little winter weather AK advice.

I will arrive early on Friday, will be shooting Saturday morning, and driving home Sunday evening. I'll be shooting Brown Bear. What would you reccomend as the best way to protect my rifle...
Just keep secured in whatever way you can lock it in the vehicle. Sounds like there might be some merriment as well, so out of sight, etc.

Should I leave it in the truck until we shoot on Sat, or bring it inside? Would it be wise to put my WASR back into the truck right after we are finished, to try and avoid condensation moisture from the temperature difference inside the cabin?
If it's a plain old (badly) park'd WASR, just oil it well on the exterior so that resistance stays in the finish. Until I get mine moly'd by Jim Fuller that's what I do and I've purposely brought it in from -17 to see what happened and it's fine. But I'd do that, use it all weekend, keep it outside for reasons noted above.
The cabin will be packed with friends and family, so finding cleaning space inside will be a challenge... will it be ok to not clean it until I get home on Sunday?
How would you handle it...
Letting some oil do its work with the parkerization will take care of the exterior. One thing I'd do before hand is minimize the oil-based lube inside the gun if it's really cold. I'm not saying run it dry, but if you anticipate running the gun in cold weather regularly - and you should, that's the AK's forte' - invest in a can of Lubriplate from Brownell's, or some other quality white-lithium grease. Smear some on the contact surfaces; anything riding on rails, surfaces where the bolt rides against the hammer. Not too many places to worry about, and it doesn't take much, just a bit more than a film. Good stuff and a can will last you a lifetime. You can use the same stuff on your arctic weather boltguns instead of running them "dry" as well. Oil as its place, but severe cold isn't one of them. Your AK will run just fine.
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