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Originally Posted by 2ninersavo View Post
1) First, how tight is the front sight to be tightened? I know its small but it will take alot of stress from the recoil.

2) Second, I want to use either Trijicons or Meps, which one will give the the most light between the front and rear in daylight conditions. The guns will be a 17 and 19.
1) Clean all contact surfaces with alcohol and blast dry with canned air. Clean fingers with alcohol too & blast dry. Remember, alcohol's flammable!

Put a small drop of Red Loctite on all contact surfaces and attach sight. I tighten the sight 1/4 - 1/2 turn past finger tight with a wrench. Make sure any final adjustment is a tightening adjustment.

Clean off excess Loctite with Q-tips and patches.

Let sit 24-hours.

That's it! I've never had a front sight come loose!

2) Trijicons are the better target sights. Avoid solvents and scrubbing on the sight's white O-rings, as they'll wipe off.

Judy has Trijicons on her G19, and they've held up fine, plus they're great target sights!

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