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Originally Posted by bowcop22 View Post
DHS is calling for a detail strip on the P2000 every 500 an HK Armorer I can tell you that it is a collasal pain in the but to detail strip the USP and the P2000....don't do it unless you you have to replace a broken part....
Finally, someone honest enough to admit what a PITA it is to detail the USP. The armorers manual had adequate pics and fancy tools for the takedown which is now the bible, I think on HK forums, but one I rarely use for reference. Those guys over there claim it's a cake walk and I detail mine about 4 times a year or more and still ***** and moan. I bought a video from an Arizona gunsmith that covers a slew of HK long and short guns( USP also) and I haven't looked back. That smith was supposed to come out with a DVD but had some problems with the producer. The video cassette is pretty thorough but the picture quality is just good not excellent. I detail strip my USP every 1000-1200 rounds. I use very clean powder for reloading but that frame, trigger and lower receiver gets pretty gummed up. I'm too chicken to use a dunk it system for fear of compromising the lower frame. It helps to have good punches and tools for this process. I'm a sucker for thorough cleaning so this whole process with the barrel is about a 3-4 hr trip. My glocks take about less than that or maybe even just an hour with a thorough barrel clean. The glock is easier to shoot and maintain in competition and I usually go close to 1500 rounds before a detail(which is truly piece of cake). That HK polygonal barrel really hangs on to gunk hard and it is a pain after even just 500 rounds. I went to a KKM barrel for the glock which is so easy to clean. I would suggest you pay special attention to the detail strip of the trigger( I do this every 4000 rounds), firing pin(orientations), and all the various shims, latches, catches near the sear. Don't dawdle too long lest you forget which goes where then your on the road to nowhere. ; ^ )

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