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Originally Posted by bowcop22 View Post

Thank you for the detailed response! So, if I understand this right, If I shoot my G35 in the limited class...I can have as many rounds in the mag as the max mag length allows....right?

This will be IPSC...USA!

IPSC is the international organization. USPSA is the USA version. The rules have some slight differences (including the equipment requirement within th divisions).

I am guessing that you are shooting at the Custer range? If so, they are USPSA matches, I believe. I see from their website that they might still call them "IPSC", but that is kind of a generic term.

For Production Division in USPSA the Dropped and Offset (DOH) from Bladetech is the goto choice.

For a true race holster, the CR Speed World Shoot model is a great bet for the Glock. If that is what you want, pony up the $$$.

Either one can produce a sub-second draw to first shot. The CRS might prove to be a tenth or so faster.

But the real gain on the draw comes from technique.
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