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Originally Posted by SDGlock23 View Post
There is no such thing as a .40 S&W +P, it's a marketing ploy. Georgia Arms does the same thing, they offer a .40 +P. If, in fact, it is loaded over pressure, then I would be very very wary of using it. The .40 can easily achieve 1300+ fps with a 155gr out of a 4" barrel without going over pressure, so why it's pushed as ".40 +P" is unknown.

Buffalo Bore also doesn't list what barrel length they got that velocity with.

Compare the BB velocities with Double Tap's. With the 155 gr .40 BB is claiming 25 fps more than DT. But DT lists their velocity from a 4" barreled G23.

The problem with the +P designation is that it really only has meaning if the company using it is a SAAMI member.
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