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Originally Posted by SDGlock23 View Post
There is no such thing as a .40 S&W +P, it's a marketing ploy. Georgia Arms does the same thing, they offer a .40 +P. If, in fact, it is loaded over pressure, then I would be very very wary of using it. The .40 can easily achieve 1300+ fps with a 155gr out of a 4" barrel without going over pressure, so why it's pushed as ".40 +P" is unknown.

.40 is maxed out to begin with, so if it is in fact a +P, you shouldn't use it.

Not so sure about the .40 "easily achieving" 1300fps+ out of a 4" barrel with a 155gr bullet. DT lists their 155gr at 1,275fps out of a G23, and their claims are usually above what shooters chrono with their ammunition. Not that I don't believe the .40 can push bullets at that velocity, but that sounds a bit exaggerated. The 155gr bullet out of a 3.78" barreled G29 is rated at 1,405fps, but the actual test results I've seen posted averaged them around 1,350-1,360. I cannot cite any of them since they're all scattered around random forums, but 1300fps+ sounds a bit over the top, especially if it's within SAAMI specs.
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