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Let me say first I haven't shot, and don't own, a Taurus 1911.

I recently handled one, however, and was very unimpressed. Having handled it, I had no desire to shoot it. Looking at the page which is linked, a series of custom features are cited, with comparable costs.

Taurus cites a full length guide rod with reverse plug; this isn't a benefit.

Taurus cites a serrated slide rear and this they mean the cocking serrations, and not actually a serrated rear of the slide. The serrations on the Taurus are wide, and useless on the front...where serrations should not be. Serrations on the front of the slide were a fad about ten years ago, but do little more than tear up the holster.

Taurus cites 30 lpi checkering; their checkering is unimpressive...and do you really need the trigger guard checkered on a 1911?

The ambi-safety on the tauri I handled were spongy and had excess play, and weren't well fit to the weapon. Not exactly a plus.

The beavertail on the tauri were poorly fitted, and again, not really quality work.

Skeletonized hammers and triggers aren't exactly custom pieces today. Simply having a hole in something doesn't make it a better part, and can't really be used to call it comparable to a custom piece. Taurus cites those two features as being worth sixty and a hundred dollars each, however. Perhaps if you wisely replace the components supplied by might have to spend that to bring the parts up to spec. Perhaps that's what they mean.

The hundred dollar trigger job is a bit of a puzzler, because the Taurus 1911 certainly doesn't have a trigger that could be called reflective of having had a trigger job, and if they were to claim as much, it certainly wouldn't be worth a hundred dollars. Perhaps, again, they mean you can spend a hundred to get someone to do something about their trigger. I suspect you'll spend a lot more than that, however.

The "custom fit barrel" and "air-gauged bushing" aren't custom, and appear to be drop-in parts from a bin. Any gauging appear to have been conducted as "the long thing fits through the hole."

Custom slide to frame fit? Not.

Polished feed ramp and barrel throat...their dremel job is worth fifty bucks, so they say.

They suggest their "lowered and flared ejection port" is worth fifty bucks...but this assumes that one has to modify another firearm by lowering and flaring the ejection port. Given that nearly all 1911's come with a lowered and flared ejection port now...this seems rather redundant.

"Custom internal extractor," they say. What's "custom" about it?

Extended mag release button...not necessarily an advantage.

Beveled mag well...hard not to find a 1911 without a beveled mag well these days, isn't it? Sort of if it's not done, it's not finished. So to suggest it's worth something extra is...misleading.

Extra eight round magazine. They value it more than a good Tripp Research or Chip McCormick mag. They must really be proud of their magazine.

Now, a lot of those advertised features might be worth extra consideration if they weren't cheap parts, thrown together in a decidedly NOT custom way (overlooking the use of the word "custom" throughout their advertising, of course). The slide felt gritty...not sure how it was fit, but it wasn't done well. The trigger was heavy, gritty, with takeup, overtravel, and not really an exciting break. The entire firearm felt fairly cheap.

I'm sure others will have more detailed information to offer about actually shooting it or owning it, and I can't speak to that end. I was unimpressed enough it was as far as I wanted to go with any of the Taurus models I handled.
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