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Originally Posted by robbyg1 View Post
Has anyone put a Lone Wolf 40 -9 conversion barrel in a G27? I was wondering how reliable they work.
Please perform a search. It has been covered here about a billion times.

My LWD .40 -> 9mm conversion is not reliable with poorly resized commercial reloads. These are reloads that would run through an OEM barrel without a problem. The off-the-shelf LWD barrel has "tighter" chamber dimentions than the OEM barrel. You can order the barrel with OEM dimentions if you wish.

The "stock" LWD barrel runs new commercial ammunition and my reloads without a problem (at least mine anyway).

For a range gun, you will need the conversion barrel and some 9mm (26, 19, 17) magazines.

Don't use it for a carry gun with a non-OEM barrel.
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