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i dont load the same bullet (brand) but I do load berrys 200 gr, copper plated flat point with titegroup.

start at 4.5 and work up to 4.8. I shoot mine through 1911's but the glock will be fine.

i shoot the lightest grain possible to cycle the gun. 4.5 to 4.8 works well for me.

i use 1.20 - 1.25 OAL. load a dummy (no powder) drop it in the barrell, it should drop in and out easily. then hand cycle it in the gun. if that works, load 5 actutal then hand cycle those.

this is NOT rocket science. if i can do it, anyone can do it.

Originally Posted by Jaybo510 View Post
I just bought some Hodgdon Tite Group and I am going to be loading 45 ACP 200gr. Copper Plated Round Nose X-Treme bullets for my G21. Hodgdon's website does not give any load data for round nose bullets in this weight. But my question is has anyone out there loaded this type of bullet with this powder, and what what your optimal powder load? What is the best OAL for Glocks, or more specific a G21? The closest I have found to its says to start at 4.8grs. Any personal experience, or pointers would be appreciated. This is going to be my first attempt at reloading EVER! Thanks in advance.
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