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Finished up polishing my slide, what say you?

I was inspired by some of the photos I saw in the barrel polishing thread, so I decided to try it out on a used G30 I traded for recently. It had some good holster wear, so I was already planning on doing something (duracoat came to mind first). I did the barrel with my dremel, and it turned out great.

So I moved onto the sides of the slide, as I liked the look of a few that had posted some photos of theirs with the top still black.

Here is the end result. It could be better, but i'm happy with it for now. I first attempted this with just my dremel using some felt wheels and mag polish, but then ended up using some 1000 grit - 1500 grit sandpaper in order to get a more uniform look (thanks Bowtie). In the photos you will see the older G30 next to my new one.

So how did I do?

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