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Originally Posted by Jaybo510 View Post
Thank you. At least I have a ball park idea of where I need to be.

Any of you using a Lee Turret Press? I am just wondering what Micro Disk number you are using. I just tried a .40 which should give me 4.7grs, but when I weigh it comes out around 4.4 - 4.5grs. Should I go up to the next one on the table which would be .43 to give me 5.1grs that will probably weigh around 4.7 - 4.8grs on the scale?
i load on a 1000, you have to learn the way the disk is going to weigh each type of powder. i use tg and i like it but with the bushing i am useing it supposed to be giveing me a 5.4 gr charge but the actual weight it is only about 5.2 on average.
imr powders seem to load closest to the charts weight.
i have allot of luck with tg it cycles my guns very well i use it in 9mm .38 an .45 acp.
as others have said start at the begining and work your way up.......
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