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My loading data shows 5.2 to 5.6 grains Tite Group with a 200 grn bullet. MV range from 880 to 960. I just loaded up some 230 grn Berry's copper plated. Berry's website, under FAQs, suggest keeping velocities under 1200 fps and say their 45's are good 850-900 fps. They also say that alot of Glock owners use their copper plated. I posted a thread just this week and everyone who replied said they had experienced no problems with Berry's or to go with moderate or lead loads. With the 230 grn I am starting at 800 fps and loaded 5 to see if they'll cycle in the G30. I just worked up a load today for the 9mm using 124 grn plated. Bumped the starting load up .5 grns and the G26 cycles fine now. I am working with Unique on the 45 loads.
I'd probably load a few at 5.0 or 5.2 TiteGroup and see if it works. You know the signs of pressure?
A bullet puller is a great investment.
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