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I must've gotten a lemon Taurus then because my Stainless PT1911 has been flawless, 1200 rounds thru it without a hiccup.

Maybe I should send it back to the factory and get it replaced with one of the ones you guys are talking about!

Why do most people like to put down a gun that they've only seen or read about but haven't fired themselves?

I replaced the ambi-safety with an STI left hand safety and put Pachmyrs on it but otherwise it's a great stock 1911.

I truly hate gun snobs. If it's not a Kimber, STI, etc, etc, it's automatically a piece of garbage according to some people. Well, some folks cannot afford a $2000+ 1911; it my $630 Taurus functions flawlessly when I pull the trigger and does what I require of it without any problems, why is it a "pig"? Nobody ever heard of a Kimber that wasn't perfect? I'll bet Kimber's Customer Service Dept is manned by the same lonely guy who worked for Maytag years ago. And Springfield Arms probably doesn't even have/need a Customer Service Dept.

It's supposed to be about the fun and enjoyment of shooting. Why can't everyone just be happy for a person who got a new gun without putting them down? Just because you may own a big name gun does not give you the right to bash someone who doesn't. If you haven't owned and fired a gun, you have very little right to bash it.

I don't care what you've read; there are just as many people satisfied with their "pig". Many people are quick to write about a bad experience buy many more, with great experiences, rarely pick up a pen.

I think the gun snobs are just jealous that they got took for $2000+ when a $650 1911 would have been just as good.
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