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Originally Posted by Walter View Post
....Why do most people like to put down a gun that they've only seen or read about but haven't fired themselves?.....
What part of the OP's request for "Honest opinions please" did you NOT understand?!

Here's the deal,....
I've worked for many years, long hours, away from home to give
me the oportunity to own a weapon of a quality that my wife and
childs well being deserves. I demand a quality firearm that I have
the utmost trust in to protect life when it is needed most.

A Taurus, in my eyes, does not have the quality or the reliability
to live up to my standards. A poor quality product with known
inferior materials is a disaster waiting to happen.

Furthermore,...if I can drive to work in a Cadillac versus a KIA,.......
Need I explain more?

A pig in a dime store dress is still a pig!
My apologies if that offends you, sux for that to happen.

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