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Originally Posted by Walter View Post
I must've gotten a lemon Taurus then because my Stainless PT1911 has been flawless, 1200 rounds thru it without a hiccup.

Maybe I should send it back to the factory and get it replaced with one of the ones you guys are talking about!

Why do most people like to put down a gun that they've only seen or read about but haven't fired themselves?

I replaced the ambi-safety with an STI left hand safety and put Pachmyrs on it but otherwise it's a great stock 1911.

I truly hate gun snobs. If it's not a Kimber, STI, etc, etc, it's automatically a piece of garbage according to some people. Well, some folks cannot afford a $2000+ 1911; it my $630 Taurus functions flawlessly when I pull the trigger and does what I require of it without any problems, why is it a "pig"? Nobody ever heard of a Kimber that wasn't perfect? I'll bet Kimber's Customer Service Dept is manned by the same lonely guy who worked for Maytag years ago. And Springfield Arms probably doesn't even have/need a Customer Service Dept.

It's supposed to be about the fun and enjoyment of shooting. Why can't everyone just be happy for a person who got a new gun without putting them down? Just because you may own a big name gun does not give you the right to bash someone who doesn't. If you haven't owned and fired a gun, you have very little right to bash it.

I don't care what you've read; there are just as many people satisfied with their "pig". Many people are quick to write about a bad experience buy many more, with great experiences, rarely pick up a pen.

I think the gun snobs are just jealous that they got took for $2000+ when a $650 1911 would have been just as good.
You want honesty? I owned one, and my uncle owned two. We both sold them. The safety fell off of mine, and would have fallen of his too, if he wouldnt have replaced it before it could. The guns part fitment looked like it was done by a rabid four year old with a bastard file. The checkering was crooked and uneven. The trigger was full of slop and broke well above 6-7 pounds. Its a junk gun.

I recently bought a RIA officers model and can honestly say that it is a world better. 100% better gun. I wouldnt recommend a taurus 1911 to anyone, period.
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