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Originally Posted by Jim S. View Post
Ok, I finally had time to work on this gun.
I got the staking tool a while ago but I've been working a lot of hours for the last week or so.
I couldn't get the plunger tube off of the frame. It was just loose enough to see it move a bit but I would not come off and I didn't want to get too rough with it.
The holes looked to have plenty of countersink so I put permanent locktight on the tube and on the legs (after degreasing) and tried the tool.
It was a b---h to get the rear hole and the front one was easy. It made it very tight and I will let the locktight dry for 24 hours before reassembling everything.
The tool from Brownells worked great and I checked to see if I had deformed the plunger tube and it was fine.
Yeah, it cost me 40 bucks but I don't know of any good 1911 smiths around my area so I guess it was worth it.
Its good to hear it worked out for you. Which tool did you use?
I've been considering the tool from EGW.
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