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Remington UMC .40 SW 180 grain JHP

I thought I remembered a thread on here a while back, but nothing came up in the search. Has anyone tested this load? I've shot it before and IIRC it was hot and had some decent flash. I don't remember wet pack testing it or can't find my results if I did. I've heard that this is actually a sleeper SD load that is pretty good. Does anyone have any info on it? Google wasn't much help. I think Remington specs this round at 1015 fps? I've been carrying RA40TA and have some PDX1 and 180 grain XTP in reserve, but I wasn't at all thrilled with the XTP performance when I tested it. It would be nice to have a Wally World SD load I can grab if the budget gets tight and I need to load up with new ammo... Even though the stuff has a shelf life of like 300 years. Just nice to have options.

Speaking of shelf life, anyone ever have carry ammo go bad? Get and click instead of a bang? IIRC sealed ammo lasts forever while unsealed ammo can get moisture in it over time.
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