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Originally Posted by Jim Watson View Post
The powder doesn't know what shape the nose of the bullet is unless it makes a good deal of difference in the seating depth. You are talking about below maximum loads and will be fine.

I would not be looking for Hornady's rifle "pressure signs" in a pistol running about 1/3 the chamber pressure. I once scared myself with cratered primers in a 9mm handbook load until I realized I had used soft Federal primers that I normally reserve for revolvers. Winchester primers looked normal and the load double checked correct.
Jim is correct. You picked an easy cartridge to load. Stay with mid range loads and you'll be fine.....usually. The Hornady book does have alot of interesting info regarding changing components. Different primers, different brass, that sort of thing. One variable can make a big difference . Start keeping records of everything you used with the results in a spiral notebook. Years from now you'll be amazed at what you have learned. You may be starting with a 45 ACP but who knows? You may evolve into a silhouette, benchrest or 50 BMG guy.
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