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[QUOTE=SHOOTER629;14538152]Talked to a friend who now works for the feds. He was a former employee of H&K, Instructor and armorer and face is on one of the H&K catalogs done by Dick Kramer. He recommends no full detailing until - at least 10,000 rounds. That consist of , full detail and bore inspection using a bore scope , but other then that he recommends following the manual instructions on maintenance.

He said if you want to have some real fun, try detailing A P7-M8/13

And HK also does not recommend shooting lead out of their barrels. My HKs got so gummed up around the trigger, trigger bar, ejector and extractor-it was really caked on. And this was using Ranier Bullets, Vihtavuori powder and Fed primers. A good friend of mine did his P7 once, without the exploded diagram. It took him a whole week to put it back together( and only after he got the exploded pic). He loved that P7 and eventually had another gunsmith friend show him how it was done.
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