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Originally Posted by Bubbala View Post
I would be interested to see the pressure rating for that stuff. Most .40 S&W is rated at or near 35,000 psi. +P ammunition is usually denoted as such only in older calibers such as .38 Special, 9mm., .45ACP. The reason being that many of the older firearms chambered in these calibers are not safe to use with the new, higher pressure ammo. The firearms chambered for modern calibers such as .40S&W, 10mm., 357SIG and so on are built to handle today's higher pressure ammunition and the +P rating is not necessary.
.40 S+W came out in 1990.

We should see a true SAAMI approved .40 S+W +P load sometime around the year 2080.

I doubt I'll be alive to see it.
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