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Originally Posted by c5367 View Post
where do you see evidence of "growing popularity"?

not a rhetorical question, I'm genuinely curious.
Popularity is not "growing" disproportionately. OP phrasing was implying that. It remains a novelty round. Nothing has changed that IMO.

The .357sig is a good option. Nothing special about it beyond the criteria those that choose it base their subjective selection on. Others select something different because they use different criteria. Choosing between service calibers is ultimately subjective... and splitting hairs IMO.

The .357sig has feeding issue, too... just like any other Glock can: VIDEO: G32 Malfunctions Resolved? and Might have solved my G32's feeding problem and others... again, just like any Glock.

Bottom-line: Shoot what you use well. But, you have to also feel good about what you use. And, that "feeling" is always going to be subjective.
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