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This thread reminds me that it's probably about time to ask a couple of the other manufacturers about their production/sales for the caliber in LE/Gov circles again.

I think the last time I asked someone from Glock, it was almost 4 years ago. At that time I was told that they were only making 1 gun chambered in .357SIG for every 2,500 other guns chambered in all of the other calibers (combined), and that the caliber wasn't nearly as popular among their LE customers as the .40, 9 & .45 models. I'd be a bit curious to hear if matters have changed since then. I suspect the only reason the person with whom I was discussing it even knew some numbers is because he said he had been curious about it himself and had taken the time to ask some people back at the company headquarters in an attempt to find out about it. He said the info wasn't really easily available, or at least being commonly discussed, making him originally think that the numbers weren't very large compared to all of the other models being sold.

When I asked someone from Sig a couple of years ago they claimed not to know any production numbers (understandable), but said the .40 was the biggest seller of the major calibers.

I thought it was a reflection of at least some slowly developing interest when S&W announced they were going to chamber the M&P pistol series in .357SIG, since it would seem they wouldn't bother if they didn't anticipate at least some sales potential.

I still think the largest potential market for the caliber probably remains the private owner/shooter.
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