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First of all, GREAT POSTS! I do own a G32 - mostly because I got a good deal on it when I was looking for a G19, annddd because it came with a Glock 9mm conversion barrel (a caliber I much prefer overall) so win-win all around.

I do like the 357 SiG caliber though - was first exposed to it shooting a friend's P229 then my brother's G33 - and find it is a great SD round, one I would carry more often if I lived in a more remote / rural area. As it is though, I usually (90%) carry a G38 with the remaining 10% split between the G32 with conv barrel, my Para LTC, or my AirWeight J-frame depending on itinerary and/or concealment garments fitting the season. (Gets pretty hot here in VA in the summer.) I feel I usually just don't need / want the penetration / power of the SiG in the heavily populated area in which I live - JMO, YMMV.

Still, caliber not withstanding, I find my choice is increasingly Glock or Glock; reliability, durability, dependability - and sweat resistance . They just work!
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