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Originally Posted by PghJim View Post
Boy, how many times do we hear that. Isn't a 44 mag. just a faster 44 special? Isn't the 357 mag. just a faster 38 special? The velocity issues do matter. According to articles in Guns and American Handgunner it is increasing in popularity among LE, particularly the Higway Patrols. However, agencies and groups that would probably study this sort of thing because they have a good chance to use the gun seem to be growing also. No round is perfect but I think even comparing it to a +p+ 9 would be rediculous.
I only meant in the simplist terms that it is a faster .355 caliber cartridge. It wasn't meant in a negative way, nor to take anything away from the 357SIG as compared to anything else.

Can you be more specific where you say; "The velocity issues do matter." ???
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