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I have found even taking 5 too 10 minutes it takes too convert my 650 over from one caliber too another is faster and easer than trying too make test rounds on a single stage press.
If Iím going too change the COL. After I do the conversion. First I add the number of primers into the primer magazine. Activate the primer indexing arm 8 times. Remove the primer cam. I then put one case in the press, size and deprime station 2 bells the case and dump powder and seat the primer. At station 3 pull the case out, weigh the powder charge take out or trickle in the rest of the powder. Or I use my RCBS powdermaster. Depending what I fell would be faster. Put the powder back in the case. Put the case with powder in station 4. If I know I want the COL to be longer I screw my Redding computation seat die out seat the bullet, check the COL put the case back in, turn the stem down, Pull the case out and check the COL run the stem down if need be to the COL that I want, May take a couple of tries. Station 5 crimp the case. So once I have that set up. I count out how many cases I want to load and put them in the case tube. Put the primer cam back on after the case has been sized after that load as normal put pull the case out at 3, weigh the powder. Put it back in 4. Pull the handle, pull the case out and keep going until you have what you want too load done. When done run the bullet seating die back too 0 if you set the die up for the COL that you use most often.
It also helps too write down the micrometer setting was for that bullet and COL for future testing.
It is a lot simpler too do it than what it sounds like.
For people using the 550 take the primer operating rod off and when you want a primer when the ram is up, pull the primer slide back and pick up a primer and ride it forward, so it does not slam back.
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