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Sell or upgrade this rifle?

I have a DPMS panther classic. It's an A2 style rifle. I bought it to shoot at military style rifle shooting contests. So, it had to look like a standard M-16 rifle. Gun did pretty well shooting 300 yd silhouettes, so I have no complaints. But after having it for a while I'd rather have a flat-top reciever, a telescoping stock and maybe a 16" barrel. So, I'm thinking I should just sell this gun and get a different one. Curious what you guys think. I paid $950 out the door for this gun during the recent AR buying craze. (way too much, I know). I was thinking I could get $800 for it at a Gun show. Wondered what you guys thought of that price. Gun is like new. I thought about buying a new upper and a collapseable stock, but not sure if that makes sense.

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