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Originally Posted by GioaJack View Post
Three days for 50! Does that include waiting for EPA approval then mining the lead ore and actually making the brass cases yourself?

Okay, I'll go along with it... that could take three days.

I also had the old steel dies, so one night after work I went to the cave, lubed and primed them and wiped them off. The next night I ran them through the expander and set up the old powder thrower that mounts to the bench. The third night I charged each one at a time and put a tip on and seated and taper crimped them. Not three full days but a little time at night after working all day. Now when I sit down at my Dillons and load I do a box of 50 shells in about 10 minutes if I'm taking my time. Also use carbide dies on everything, no more lube for me.
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