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Originally Posted by Flinter View Post
Why Bushmaster? Why not try a quality AR from one of the better makers before worrying about the pistol system. LMT, BCM, LaRue, etc.

Thank you, but no thank you.

Sorry, I am of the "piston driven upper AR" crowd and do not wish to debate the pros and cons of the two designs in this thread. I am only looking for info on piston driven guns here, but thank you again for your info.

I had no issues w/ the quality of the Bushy traditional gas injected gun I had, I merely rushed into the purchase uninformed around '99, got a gun w/ a less than 16" barrel I was not happy w/, an AK brake that was REALLY loud, got stuck then w/ a traditional A2 stock I did not want, and a non-flat top upper I did not want either.

All my fault, all made in one of those "gotta have one" decision purchases.

I would have dumped the gun regardless b/c the price of correcting everything I did not like about the gun was pretty close to the price of correcting it w/ another traditional gas injected gun when I sold it in '06 or so. :(

Thanks again though.
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