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Originally Posted by johnny00 View Post
Another vote for the LMT Piston MRP....

Yow, a lot more than what I wanted to spend, and I thought the Bushy guns were high. :(

Maybe I am being un-realistic about this, in looking to do this for less than $1200 or so for a complete gun? :(

At that kind of $$ I'd rather do one of a couple things to see if they work -

1. Torture test my KT SU16 to see how far it can be pushed and buy a second one then if it makes it (hey I'm not going to fight a war w/ the thing, I've got AKs and an M1A for that past what I am comfortable with.

2. Dump the KT and AR mags and go get a couple of Mini 14s and a whole bunch of mags.

3. Sell my KT and my 870 and go buy a nice 1187P and the softest shooting loads it will still function with.

Part of this plan is something to supplement my HD gun for in a long gun that I KNOW my old lady can shoot also if I am not here besides my 870 (which is too much for her and too much to reload quickly and easily under stress), and won't tear though the outer CBS of the house like one of the AKs will. A pistol caliber carbine scares me for zipping through 4" sheet rock too much too. :( That leaves low recoil to smaller sized buckshot, a 12 ga or smaller SG, or a mag fed .223 gun. I figuring the easiest thing for her is a mag fed .223 gun and a bunch of spare mags?

Thanks -
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