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Originally Posted by Quiet View Post
You'll be very hard pressed to find a high quality gas-piston AR for under $1500.

ADDAX, LMT, LWRC and Barrett make great high quality gas-piston ARs.
However, their gas-piston AR uppers start in the $1300 range and complete ARs are in the $2000+ range.
Thank you very much for mentioning our product.

We actually have our ATAC MK-1 gas piston upper currently marked at $1175. The OP can purchase a complete lower and still be under his original <$1500 price point.

My personal ATAC MK-1:
Black Rifle Forum

And here is a link with all the information about this piston upper:
Addax ATAC MK1
*FYI- I am not a GT Sponsor. I have consulted for a company who manufacture ARs. My opinion and comments belong to myself and do not represent any other entity*

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