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Originally Posted by Scott in Houston View Post
Through further research, there are some that believe the steel uses corrosive primers and the brass is better quality (not being made in Russia).
I'm sticking to the brass when I shoot Monarch at all.
All modern commercial and military ammo that is being made today use non-corrosive priming, including Russian made ammo. The only way you're going to get corrosive primed ammo is with military surplus made in thad 70's And earlier, primarily from the old Combloc and eastern countries, and primarily in rifle calibers. Much of the earily Makarov and Tokarev surplus ammo imported was corrosive primed. I don't recall any 9x19mm being imported with corrosive primers with the exception of some Czech mil surplus imported by Interarms close to 20 years ago. After WWII Sweden had so much surplus 9mm ammo that they went as far as pulling the bullets, removing the corrosive primers and then reloading it all over again with non-corrosive primers and then repacking the ammo and they sold multi-millions of this ammo on the U.S. market.
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