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Colt XSE Vs. SA Loaded Vs Kimber Custom II

I am trying ti decide between a NIB SA Loaded with NS and a LNIB Colt XSE Gov size. I am wanting this gun for shooting matches (idpa), bowling pin shoots, etc. Its gonna get alot of use. I would pay about 50 more for the colt. What would you guys choose and why, Thanks alot

Oh and if it matters the colt is series 80. Also if anyone else has a different suggestions on a gun in my range please let me know. I cant really go higher than 800 including tax, shipping ffl etc.

Ok the kimber just entered the picture. My local shop has a excellent kimber Custom II with the dredded external extractor for 599. So thats gonna 200 less than the colt. This would be nice cause then I could order my re loading press, however I dont want to skimp but if that is a good gun at a fair price I wouldnt mind it. Plus It felt buttery smooth and had a nice trigger
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