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The ee is hit or miss. I owned a Custom II with one, but had it replaced with an internal extractor. If you do have any problems, Kimber will make it right (it might take 3 months).
As for the Springer verses Colt deal, it comes down to brand loyalty . Both are good guns. The Colt does have less mim parts, but to me that is not an issue.
You said that you were going to use it as a match gun right? Then why not go for the one that is $50 cheaper, with night sights, and new in box? That extra can go towards that reloading press. Trust me both guns will do the job you mention above.
By the way if you do decide on the Kimber (talk them down lower), set aside an extra $60 for shipping, just in case. For that $60 they go over it with a fine toothcomb, making it a great deal.
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