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Originally Posted by Thx-1138 View Post
Check out

There's a vendor that sells new Black and OD G38's for $389, +20 Shipping & Handling, plus whatever transfer fee you'd have to pay to your local FFL.

It's about the same price range as what you're looking at now, but it gives you an option to buy an OD one if that's what you want.
That's who I was going to order it from
I would rather have a new one anyways, I just wanted to get some 2nd opinions. The TFOs were the sights I planned on getting installed if I bought a new one. I was kinda worried about the used one, once I pulled the trigger(very-very light) I can change it back to original, but I shouldn't have to for that price. If I get one, It will be the new one. I kinda want an OD G39 also
My tax check needs to hurry.
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