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Bushmaster ACR coming out before Remington ACR???

Well it's official Bushmaster has the countdown clock for about midnight tonight to be the release of the new Bushmaster ACR. It's sounding off however at over 8lbs with a 1:9 twist and tagged with a $2700 msrp. Remington quoted the msrp at $2300 originally which is obviously high, and the twist rate listed for the Remington ACR is 1:7. Magpul's reps are also commenting on the listed weight as being too high. Not sure what to make of it unless Bushmaster is putting to market a rifle that isn't what Remington will market to the military and law enforcement. I really hope if this is what Bushmaster is dropping on the market then Remington puts out one as well with better barrels and hopefully weighing less. For four times the cost of a basic AR they better get their **** together. Just another reason for me to keep looking at an XCR.
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