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If that's true (and I believe it is), then....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Somebody got their hopes up when they saw the FN SCAR sell for $5k or whatever when the first few trickled in last year about this time.

No offense to whomever wants one/buys one/whatever, but I gave up on the idea about 4 seconds after I learned that Magpul turned it over to a corporate-owned entity.

Interchangeable barrels - how many does it come with at that price tag? Is that for .308 and 5.56 (or did they actually just chamber it for .223 for the civvies?)? If it comes with a couple cases of ammo for each caliber and 15 mags each caliber, well then, it's probably a deal. Maybe it is anway. I haven't followed it for months.

Edit: Okay, just went to the BM site. No info on it (I didn't look too hard), but I saw no specs. It looks like it is piston-driven, folding UBR stock, PMag, Magpul grip, monolithic rail. Some nice features, and unless they changed from the original design 'leaks' then it is ambidextrous controls and all. Not going to part with $2700 for one. All I can think of is what I could build/put together for that price.

I wonder how long before the .22LR version comes out?
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