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Originally Posted by WRXcelration View Post
My buddy has reloaded for me in the past but it was time for me to get my own.I finally set up my AP last night and I love it. I am currently reloading 9mm.
I am using 124gr 9mm w/ 4.2gr of 231( Lyman 49th on the higher end for my Kimber 9mm). Unfortunately for some idiotic reason, I set my AOL to 1.169 which is the max for the 9mm, so I get to have fun pulling 50rds this weekend. Live and learn early I guess
Why pull them? The 9mm is a taper case, what is wrong with just reseating them to your desired length and recrimp? BTW, I have a buddy that loads that 124fmj and 231 to 1.130 OAL and that load is pretty damm good.
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