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Originally Posted by Atlas View Post
Yeah, the price is extreme, especially since it was designed from the beginning to be easy to manufacture.

I think the basic AR does a fine job, but if the ACR doesn't eventually become the US military's new issue rifle, then something is wrong somewhere. That rifle/carbine is smart, just plain smart. It's one of the most carefully and creatively designed firearms ever.

I admit to wanting one for myself, but a plain AR will do everything I need.
What I want even more is for this thing to prove itself and be issued to our troops, because as good as the AR/M16 is this rifle should prove to be better, much better and I want our military to have the best.

Time will tell.
Change comes slowly in the military unless something shows a clear cut advantage over what is being currently used. There is nothing with a huge upside over the M16/M4 platforms. I don't see those being replaced any time soon.
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