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I would go with the Colt because
#1. It's a Colt (ok, I'm biased)
#2. It's US made.
#3. I could be wrong on this, but I've read (I'll try to find the link) the Colt has only 3 MIM parts. I think the extractor is but I'm not sure, the grip safety, and I'm not sure about the third.

and lastly, I've never had an issue with either my series 80 enhanced, or my XSE. So far as constant tuning of the extracter goes, I've got thousands of rounds through that enhanced and haven't ever had to tune the extractor. Haven't replace any springs either and it still runs like a champ. If that is an issue, just put a Wilson's bullet proof extractor and it will probably outlast you.

I also prefer an internal extractor on 1911's. Reviews that I've read about the Kimber Pro Carry which i was considering for purchase have stated that extractors (which are actually internal on that gun) and slide stops, both of which are MIM parts btw, are prone to breaking. Once again though, you can replace them with Wilson parts and that should take care of any potential problems.
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