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Originally Posted by djegators View Post
Just out of curiosity, why do you want the 18.5" over the 20" you already have?
I've grown bored of my 20" bead sight. I'd rather have a 14" barrel, but 18.5" is the easiest, legal, way to get the barrel smaller. I've had the gun for ten years and has done everything I ask of it, but a little too long. Even thought about putting a pistol grip on it instead of the stock. So far, if the 18.5" idea doesn't seem easy enough, I may put a EOtech on it. My eyes get blurry using the bead. Been shootings slugs only the last few years. Gun is pretty accurate out to 50yds.. Again, just bored of 20". Don't really need 8+1 tube. Now I'm about comfort and need. I used my shotgun as a house gun, but always thought it was too long to work with. Would prefer the shorter barrel, five shot tube, and 3-dot sights or a red dot. Ideally, I don't want to buy something new, just alter what I have to personal preference. I think here in Indiana I can register my shotgun as a SBS/AOW to get the 14" barrel. Why? Just cause I can and I would prefer the short barrel length for the applications I'm doing.
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