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Originally Posted by dosei View Post
Using the OP's "logic" and giving it a twist.

The OP's example is two bullets of the same weight traveling at different velocities...and from that he concludes that speed is everything... let's flip that on it's head...

5.56 NATO - A 55 grain bullet traveling at 3240 fps
50 BMG - A 700 grain bullet traveling at 2978 fps

Per to OP's assumption, the 5.56 should be a much more devastating choice given it's blistering 262 fps advantage over the 50 BMG...

Ah heck, let's throw one other in the mix...
7.62 NATO - A 168 grain bullet traveling at 2650 fps
(now this just has to be a poor performer when compared to the faster 5.56)

You're totally wrong. That wasn't my logic. I required the bullets to be the same weight. I said speed was very important, not everything.
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