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Originally Posted by muchocranium View Post
I'm looking for your best 9mm loads. These will be used in a Glock longslide. Thanks
My best load may not work worth a darn in your gun. Likely it won't as you won't be able to find the same components I use. Then you'll end up substituting components, and it won't be the same load.

The way to find the best load for your gun is to start with the load manual, and get components in small quantities (don't go out and by 1000 pills and an 8# keg of powder). Many projectile companies will sell you sample packs to work up loads. Get your powder in 1# canisters or borrow 100 grains from a buddy. Offer to swap some powder with him.

Once you have components, start your load development. Shoot from a rest and steady bench. Keep good records. Use a chronograph. Keep an eye out for pressure signs, hard extraction, proper cycling.

Given all the variables, the load books will give you as good a starting point as you will get here, plus, it will give you more options.

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