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Typical powders are TiteGroup, Unique, and there are several Solo-1000 users in here (I like it). Of course other powders are used, but those are probably the most popular. Much success can be had with other powders, but when I was doing the same research as you, that's pretty much what I found.

As was mentioned... it's tough to give you "a load", without knowing what your intentions are. If you're just wanting to shoot... 115gr bullets would be fine. If you're thinking about competing you might want to look at 147gr bullets.

I run 147gr Montana Gold bullets over Solo-1000. Solo is a little difficult as there isn't much load data available for it. But if you used something like TiteGroup, you could easily google "9mm 147 load TiteGroup" (without the quotes), and get PLENTY of load data. Do the same thing with ANY POWDER you're interested in (and grain bullet), and you'll start getting some numbers.

Best to work your way up with a chronograph. For $100 or so from Midway, the "Pro Chronograph" can't be beat.
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