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Black Rifle's at SHOT

I gotta tell you guys, the black rifle is all over SHOT this year.
Everywhere you turn there is a booth selling rifle's gadgets and Gizmo's

I looked at Daniel Defense, Troy and Samson rail systems as I want to change the older rail I have on my gun.

The DD stuff rocks, of course it's about the best. Since I had previously cut the Delta ring off my rifle I planned on going with a two piece free float that attaches to the barrel nut. I looked at Troy and Samson, I gotta say that the Samson rail (the one STAG uses OEM) is a great rail. It's 1/2 ounce lighter than any of the others and there are no tools needed to remove the lower section like the Troy and the older Samson.

It is a few bucks more at wholesale than a Troy but I like the rail a whole lot more. Once I receive the one I ordered I'll post some photo's to show the differences and why I like this rail.

I opened an account with Daniel Defense and my next rifle will have an Omega rail. That is the slickest set up I've ever seen.
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$20.00 transfers in the Houston area.
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