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HST and PDX1 Test

I was bored tonight and had nine gallon jugs of water to kill so I thought I would see how 357 Sig HST, 45 ACP HST and 45 Winchester PDX1 performed through 4 layers of denim. Both 45's were 230 grains and the shots were made from fifteen feet away. I know that this is not a standard test, but it is my standard test and allows me to compare bullets in the same medium. The 357 sig HST performed really well, completely exploding the first two jugs and the final expansion was 0.61". It is the one on the left. It did not have the devestating power of the 125 gr. JHP CorBon, but since I cannot get any, the HST's will have to do. It did perform better than the 125 GD's. This was shot out of a G32. The one in the middle is the PDX1 and it expanded to 0.70" and penetrated just as far as the 357 sig, which would be through all three jugs and caught in the first four layers of a towel behind the last jug. There was not much explosive power in that the second jug just sat there and drained through the holes. Another thing about the PDX1 is that the talons are bonded and do not peel off, well one out of six peeled off. This was shot out of a 4" XD45 as was the HST bullet on the right.

The 45 ACP HST bullet is a real gem, showing good energy through the first two jugs and penetrating the same as the other two. However, it expanded to 0.87". I think this will be my carry round in a 45.

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