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Ok I did it, I sold my 11-87 Special purpose!!!

I just sold my 11-87 for $500!!!

It had a fully rifled barrel so I was stuck shooting sabot slugs only which I did not want to do. I am not a hunter. I thought about just buying a new smooth bore barrel but I liked the tactical look of "Ghost Ring Sights" so instead of buying a barrel and sights and tube extension...

I sold it and I plan on using the cash to pick up a Mossberg 930 SPX tactical which is already setup the way I want it right out of the box.

Tactical Shotguns

Now the tough part...trying to find one on a shelf locally? I saw one a few weeks ago but its gone now. I really dont want to have to order one but I will if I have too.

Any tips on a good place to order from if I did have to?
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