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Originally Posted by Brad454 View Post
Yea, I've been looking for one. They haven't had one in the LEO case. I may have to order one.
I got mine from the LEO case. I found a dealer who was buying the full-set of Glocks as demonstrators, and they'd trade them out every year (so they had the newest model) and then sold the old ones as used guns, depending on how used they were. I got my G-29 and a couple other Glocks that way. I don't know if they still use that system, but it's usually this time of year they get the new glocks in and sell off the old ones.
Glock Commemoratives

I want to buy your commemorative Glock! Looking for: FBI 100yr, Bell Helo, FOP Lodge1, Kiowa Warrior, SCI, and any new/unknown-to-me commemoratives.
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